Keep Squaw True Bandana

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Our Keep Squaw True bandana is the ultimate mountain multi-tool. 

Spring skiing at Squaw Valley bringing your inner lobster out?

Your Keep Squaw True bandana will help protect you from the Sun's harsh rays and all of us from KSL Capital Partner's Squaw Valley development schemes.

Getting a little too hot hiking up Shirley Canyon?

Dip your bandana in Squaw Creek--you'll cool off and make a clear statement that around Tahoe we like our water parks outside, and natural.

Have #Tahoedogs?

Wrap bandanas around their necks and let your loyal companions express how they feel too. I mean it's bad enough they get left in the back of the truck on powder days, they really don't want to be stuck in the dark bowels of a massive parking structure.

The uses are limited only by your imagination and no matter where you hang it, you'll be flying a flag for responsible development in Tahoe's Squaw Valley.